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Inline Skates Clipart Freebie

If you live in a multicultural family you probably know that: Sometimes languages get mixed up and strange combinations occur.

Today I was repairing the Volkswagenbus, with my daughter helping me all the way. Suddenly a neighbour stopped by and asked if we had seen his daughter.  We actually hadn’t because from under the car our perspective was reduced. He told us, that his daughter was trying on her new skates and as our condo is quite steep he was afraid she might hurt herself.

Do you like skating? Use our clipart to illustrate your skating adventures.
Colourful Inline Skates Clip Art

And it was like his daughter was listening because at that same moment the neighbour asked us (better said asked our legs hanging out from under the car) we heard that typical inline skating hum coming down the block.

From under the car we could just see her inline skates fly by… And thats what my daughter noticed (thank God she didn’t see the girl crash into her Daddy with a big Bang!).

“Wow Papi, did you see those flying shoes?” Well… I did. But I am not buying her skates until she is at least three… Until then we will play inline skate / flying shoe memory games.

I made to sets of clipart with inline skates. One with pairs, where you have to finde just the same pair again, and one with single boots. My wife asked for those to be able to make left and right memory cards. Both sets are uploaded in the tpt store.

And the pairs you and download completely for free.  Hope you can use them somehow!

Have a fun weekend, use your flying shoes if you are older than two and a half and…

Bee happy creating!

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